Latest CPT News 2014 – Oct 2016

Welcome to our CPT news page, giving you all the latest developments in our work.


October 2014

Following the success of our pilot course, a second Person to Person course was delivered at Cranstoun Recovery@28B in Islington.

June 2014

With funding from the London Community Foundation, delivered our Person to Person course at Cranstoun Recovery @28B drug and alcohol treatment service.


October 2013

Person to Person 30-hour course delivered to a group of 18-25 year olds in Kennington, south London in partnership with

May 2013

Awarded a three-year grant from the Monument Trust (Sainsbury’s Family Charitable Trust) for core costs in our work to expand our accredited courses to community settings.

January 2013

Funding awarded from the London Community Foundation to deliver further community courses following successful pilot in Croydon in 2012.


April – June 2012

our Interpersonal Communications course being delivered in the community. This course was run in partnership with Changing Paths charity as part of the Croydon Council Urban Regeneration Vehicle (CCURV) Route to Employment programme.


October-December 2011

Course 29 delivered at HMP Send funded by the Wates Foundation.

October 2011

our second Interpersonal Communications course delivered at HMP Eastwood Park.

16 July 2011

Our graduate, Levi Hall (see the link on this website to his interview) ordained as an interfaith minister at a ceremony in central London.

July 2011

Our first Interpersonal Communications course, recently accredited by Middlesex University, delivered over 30 hours at HMP Eastwood Park. This course carries 7 credit points at level 3 (equivalent to NVQ Level 3/4) and was very successful at Eastwood Park where we have been invited back to deliver more of these courses.

18 June 2011

Graduate Levi Hall, now working with The Forgiveness Project, provides the sermon to the congregation at Alyth Synagogue about his journey from Brixton Prison to a life of responsibility.

June 2011

Our first series of sessions for prisoners about to be released and their partners/family members held at HMP Bronzefield. This pre-release work is being done to help smooth the transition between life inside and outside of prison for offenders and their families.

June 2011

We have returned to HMP Send after a break of a few years. Our Course 28 was funded there by the Wates Foundation and supported by a member of the Send Education staff so as to include a literacy element.

June 2011

Participated in Resettlement Day at HMP Bronzefield where we exhibited along with numerous other agencies. Had the rare opportunity to have discussions with prisoners about their education requirements and gauge their interest in upcoming sessions we will be running there.

April 2011

Meeting hosted by our patron, Lord Carlile, at the House of Lords. Good discussions held by participants including prison education officers, MPs, trustees and funders.

March 2011

Course 27 completed at HMP Bronzefield, also with funding from the estate of the late Fred Wolffing.

Because of the current economic climate, funding has become more difficult and some funders have required voluntary sector organisations to work together. We are, therefore, negotiating several joint partnership agreements. Details to be announced as they become available.


September 2010

Funding awarded from the Henry Smith Charity County Grants section (Gloucestershire) which will allow us to run further courses at HMP Eastwood Park.

September 2010

A Master’s student from the Forensic Psychology Department at Middlesex University has completed a positive evaluation of our courses. Download pdf here.

August 2010

Our first course completed at HMP Bronzefield, funded by the estate of the late Fred Wolffing, was very successful. Future courses that take place at HMP Bronzefield will feature an embedded learning element, to incorporate literacy development, whereby our students will earn two qualifications.

August 2010

Course number 25 took place at HMP Eastwood Park.

August 2010

Course number 24 completed at HMP Swaleside, funded by the Mercers’ Company.

March 2010

Course number 23 completed at HMP Eastwood Park with 12 students. Of these students, 91% reported a positive change as a result of the course.


November 2009

Course number 22 completed at HMP Eastwood Park with 7 students.

October 2009

Funding secured for the next three years from the Wates Foundation to cover course costs, follow-up supervision as well as a portion of our core costs.

August 2009

Awarded a grant from the estate of the late Fred Wolffing for two of our courses to be run at a London prison.

August 2009

Course number 21 completed at HMP Eastwood Park with 8 students. Course results in a positive change in communication skills and relationships for 75% of these students.

July 2009

Awarded a grant from the Mercers’ Company to run one of our courses at a prison on the Sheppey Cluster.

July 2009

City Bridge Trust awards a three-year grant towards the salary costs of our administrator.

June 2009

Awarded a grant from the Henry Smith Charity County Grants division (Gloucestershire) for funding for two further courses at HMP Eastwood Park.

June 2009

DVD released of interview with Levi Hall, one of our former students, and his experiences before, during and after his enrolment on a Concord Prison Trust course (click on the block top right to see the interview)

May 2009

Course number 20 was completed at HMP Eastwood Park with 8 students.

April 2009

Awarded a grant from the Mary Luis Charitable Trust which will fund two further courses at HMP Eastwood Park.

February 2009

Our first course at HMP Eastwood Park, course number 19 was completed with 10 students. Because of logistics specifically related to the prison, our 40-hour course is delivered over a seven week period at Eastwood Park.